Introducing PicasApp

PicasApp is the first Windows 8 Picasa application using the new full screen layout for browsing your Picasa Albums.

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Quick and easy access

Access all your photos in Picasa and view them on your Windows 8 device.

Share photos

Share your photos using the standard Windows 8 sharing charm. The photos can be shared with other applications.

View by album

Select an album and view all of the photos in the album. PicasApp allows you to swipe to show the next or previous photos.

Grouped by year

PicasApp shows your Picasa photos grouped by the year they were uploaded to Picasa


View all your photos as a slide show. You can start the slideshow either on the image view or on the album view.

Upload and download

Upload one or multiple photos to your existing albums. Download one or multiple photos from picasa to your device.

Sort and view details

You can sort the views by using either the name or the date of the photos/albums. You can also view details of the current photo.

Video support

You can view the videos you have stored in Picasa. The videos can be viewed in full screen.

Open photos from other apps

You can access the photos from Picasa from other apps. This is an integral part of Windows 8.